Everyone talks about the importance of creativity all the time. But 87% of professionals worldwide still feel stuck.








What would the world look like if more professionals felt creative, confident, and empowered, regardless of their job, title, or industry?

This is the question that InnovatorsBox® is tackling by rethinking creativity.






Learn how to build a creative mindset, integrate it into your life, and be empowered. Whether you are an engineer, lawyer, or policymaker, we are here to help you go from surviving to thriving.



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90% of participants expressed that our programs gave them renewed confidence and insights to be more creative and found a significant change in their professional and personal lives.


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Our Difference

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"Monica and the team did a fantastic job making creativity something tangible and process driven. Their exercises got the group to bond together quickly, to come up with dozens of new ideas, & helped us re-examine what we could be capable of if we deliberately made creativity a part of our daily routine. The world is in desperate need of what their team has to offer !"
— Adam L. Hesch, Associate Shift Manager, Global Security Ops. Center, Facebook


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