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Who we are 

Today’s workforce is unengaged, companies fail to innovate, and the limitless potential of creativity is untapped. InnovatorsBox is a creative education firm working to change the status quo at the level where it matters the most: your mindset.

Why Creativity?

Everyone is innately creative. It’s just waiting to be unlocked. Creativity catalyzes both personal and organizational change through pushing you to think differently, communicate effectively, and tackle any challenge head-on.


Your challenges aren’t formulaic, so neither is our approach. Whether you’re tackling company culture, leadership development, or any other challenge, we work with you to target your specific pain point through creativity. Our interactive services encourage professionals to engage with their work, companies to innovate new solutions to their challenges, and the world to start transforming with the power of creativity.




90% of participants expressed that our programs gave them renewed confidence and insights to be more creative and found a significant change in their professional and personal lives.

who We've worked with...

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