We never think of swimming across the river as long we have a bridge to take us to the other side.
But aren’t bridges so unexciting?

A Story from our Founder

The journey of InnovatorsBox® began while I was in my dream career and yet, I felt utterly stuck. The lack of creativity in nuclear non-proliferation made me risk-averse. I couldn’t remember the last time I created something on my own simply because I wanted to.

It wasn’t until I integrated creativity into my daily routine that things started to transform. Productivity skyrocketed. I got promoted. My insights and perspectives changed. I started thinking rather differently and began sharing fresh outlooks with top clients. Similarly, on a personal level, I was less stressed, and more confident and eager to attack what life threw at me.

When I realized that 87% of all professionals do not feel very creative and that I was not alone in this scuffle, I decided to gather my diverse expertise to create a space for everyone to rediscover their creativity.

This is when I started InnovatorsBox®. Welcome to this wonderful creative journey!

Founder & CEO - Monica Kang



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Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

InnovatorsBox® aims to redefine human capital potential and workforce culture by empowering all professionals with creativity and creative confidence.

We offer creative educational workshops, services, products and a diverse community for all professionals to learn why creativity is critical, how to integrate and hone it at work and in life.  

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