Let's work together to bring change.

To demystify people's perception on creativity, InnovatorsBox® collaborates on various creative community projects with organizations and partners that share same values in building a creative community.

To make a lasting impact, we understand that public's perception and understanding of creativity has to change in their daily routine. By working with like-minded organizations, we are excited to take a step closer to shifting perceptions - one individual at a time. 

Collaboration can range from co-hosting creativity events, to public art installation, and more. To share your thoughts, discuss collaboration opportunities, or for inquiries on our upcoming creative community projects, click here.

Examples from 2016


"Made in DC", Citi Open 2016

We joined Citi Open Tennis Tournament to represent small business owners in DC as part of the Made in DC and Think Local First initiative.

InnovatorsBox® shared our joy for creativity with our SPARK cards and creative games for family and professionals enjoying the tennis tournament the week of July 17-24, 2016 at Rock Creek Park Tennis Center.