Creative Mind-Mapping is offered both as a creative Workshop and Consulting, where we demonstrate the participants how to integrate creativity in the mind-mapping process and teach them how to map out thoughts better.

By showing them how to utilize all the different thought processes and walking them through the process, we teach them how to do it themselves and gain maximum impact.


Type of Program: Workshop or Consulting

Length of Workshop: 4-Hours workshops on how to map out thoughts.

Length of Consulting: 2-Hours or 3-Hours consulting session on mind-mapping for leaders and founders.

Average group size: 1 to 3 people for consulting; 1 to 10 people for workshop.

Suitable for: Departments and teams looking to improve their visual thinking and structuring, and leaders looking to enhance their ideation and mind-mapping process.

Is it customizable? Yes. Ask us about our customization based on your requirements and the group dynamics.

What will we gain? Creative thinking, better questioning, critical observation, out-of-box thinking, mindfulness, decision making, and a whole lot more.

What areas does it help? Creative Mind-Mapping helps in taking the mind-mapping process one step ahead and integrate creativity to comprehensively include all the different thought-processes for better impact.

How much is the cost? Depends on the number of participants, length of program, venue & food, travel, and types of services.


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" Monica's creative and engaging workshop provided our members with an informative experience on how to propel their business careers. Monica impressively engaged our members and compelled innovative thinking through exercises and discussions that enhanced their creative confidence. This workshop definitely helped take United Women in Business Foundation's DC members to the next level of strategic thinking and planning for their careers."

- Christine Zaccak, President, United Women in Business Foundation (UWIB), DC Chapter



" Before coming to the workshop, I was feeling a creative block and frustrated with bureaucracy in my position. The structure of the workshop equips you with the skills needed to tap into creativity. My key takeaway was that creativity is a practice of mindfulness that must be exercised often. Diversity and representation within a team is vital to the creative process - no one person processes information the same way or has the same life experiences. Great ideas come from collaboration and openness."

- Ashley Powdar, Marketing Manager, Burgess