Live interviews with experts, industry connoisseurs, leaders, and individuals who have nuggets of wisdom, insights, and advice to share.


There are a lot of innovators in different spaces and fields who carry a wealth of information, wisdom, intelligence, and ideas. But it is difficult to gain access to those information and insights!

Creative Minds brings these stories and insights to you through Live Interview series - shared via popular social media channels!

Type of Program: Video Series

Length of the event: Typically about 20 to 30 minutes

Best for: Everyone who likes to learn about the innovative and creative minds around us and gain insights and wisdom that they can share with us. Directly from them, to you! Just follow us on Facebook, and tune in!


We'll be officially kicking off the series this July, with the first interview on Thursday, July 6th at 2:00PM EST

...featuring Scott Beale, Founder and CEO of Atlas Corps

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