Empathetic Meetings is a workshop that teaches the leaders and professionals to not only lead and hold meetings effectively and creatively but more importantly, to be empathetic in our meetings.

It teaches how to fix meetings so they are more enjoyable and produce better and positive feelings, and to do so, empathy and emotional self-management are two key ingredients. Empathetic Meetings is a workshop that has these elements at its nucleus.


Type of Program: Workshop

Length of Workshop: 2-Hours or 4-Hours options

Average class size: 6 to 30 people

Suitable for: Great for leaders and professionals that are looking to lead and hold meetings effectively.

Is it customizable? Yes. Ask us about our program customization based on group sizes and dynamics.

What will we gain? Creative thinking, creative confidence, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, building better connections, holding productive meetings and producing positive feelings.

What areas does it help? Empathetic Meetings allows the participants to have diversity of thoughts, teaches how to lead beyond the biases, and create an inclusive space to exchange ideas and collaborate.

How much is the cost? Depends on the number of participants, length of program, venue & food, travel, and types of services.


How do you hold your meetings? Learn how to produce effective, enjoyable, and empathetic meetings through Empathy and Emotional Self Management.



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" InnovatorsBox is an amazing space to open your mind. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on personal aspects of your life and engage with them on a deeper level. The structure of the exercises helps you think through and see things from a different perspective. Through InnovatorsBox, I appreciate that creativity is a state of mind and how important it is to practice creativity regularly as a habit. This is why I continue to return to their workshops."

— Chelsea Moubarak Foreign Affairs Officer, U.S. Department of State

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- Alexandra Dickinson, Director & Chief of Staff, Beekeeper Group