Leigh George



Leigh is the founder of freedom, a strategic branding and marketing un-agency wholly devoted to innovation. She recognizes that organizations are struggling to innovate and tackle important challenges because they are being held back by rigid approaches and old ways of thinking.

Freedom uses innovative processes, tools and teams to help brands create new solutions to connect with people in our dynamic, digital world.

Partnering with brands, large and small, from start ups to global enterprises, from nonprofits and associations to commercial businesses, freedom’s engagements are based on collaboration because in the end, collaboration is key to tackling the challenges that most need solving. 

Before launching her own company, Leigh led branding and content marketing at a health non-profit, was VP in Ogilvy’s [email protected] practice and led branding and digital strategy teams at several digital agencies in the DC area. She has a Ph.D. in branding history and theory – one of the few people in the country with that distinction.