I’m Possible is a series of workshop that centers around teaching the participants how to build an entrepreneurial mindset without actually being an entrepreneur.

The key objective of the program is to change the mindset of the professionals from simply thinking they’re ‘doing a job’ to believing they’re ‘creating something meaningful and powerful for a reason’.


As the series evolves over time, so will the creative confidence of the participants & their entrepreneurial mindsets.


Type of Program: Series of workshop

Length of Workshop: Four 60-minutes sessions over 4-months; or seven 60-minutes sessions over 7 months.

Ideal group size: 6 to 15 people

Suitable for: Great for managers and leaders in different departments who are keen to rekindle their team's energy. Great for businesses looking to instill growth mindsets in their employees, so in turn, they enjoy challenges, strive to learn, and consistently see potential to develop new skills.

Is it customizable? Yes.

What will we gain? Creative confidence, critical observation, out-of-box thinking, resilince, curiosity, questioning, decision making, leadership, and a whole lot more.

What areas does it help? I'm Possible is a series that teaches teams how to build entrepreneurial mindsets without being entrepreneurss. In turn, it changes employess attitudes from 'coping' to 'relishing'. It helps you learn about your strengths and weaknesses, and gain confidence and awareness.

How much is the cost? Depends on the number of participants, length of program, venue & food, travel, and types of services.


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" Monica is able to facilitate an instant connection with her audience. She's approachable, kind, but above all else, inspiring. Our students were blown away by her story and mission. They left questioning their own pursuits and how to reveal their inner "creative thought leader." Such a valuable experience! "

- W. Michael Canter, J.D.,Associate Dean, Academic Operations, Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies

" How fortuitous that I participated in the workshop one week into starting a new entrepreneurial journey! Monica Kang and her team put together an invaluable experience intentionally aimed to draw out the passion and creativity in the participants. I had a great time connecting and sharing creative moments with extraordinary and inspiring change makers who are dynamic, supportive and compassionate. Simply priceless! "

— Kristina Francis, Founder, Esteem Logic