Ask and Answer Differently with Infinity

When tackling challenges and making decisions every day, it’s easy to get into a creativity rut.  

The Infinity series is here to push you to ask deeper questions and answer in new ways. Whenever you use Infinity Cards or Infinity Squared, you’ll think deeper, bolder, and more creatively than ever before. Start asking, answering, and innovating with Infinity today!

Ask Better Questions with Infinity Cards

Asking good questions can help you solve any problem. Asking better questions helps even more. Infinity Cards removes the stress of not knowing what to ask by giving you 50+ new questions to choose from.

Whether you’re tackling a work challenge with others or contemplating personal goals solo, each question will get you closer to creating the ultimate solution you’ve been looking for.



Create Your Own Question and Answer Adventure with Infinity Squared

Do you ask the same questions and answer the same way every single time you’re confronted with a challenge? Infinity Squared is here with three innovative “question and answer” dice to push you out of your comfort zone.

You’ll take risks, shift perspectives, make decisions, and solve problems all while drawing, dancing, and more along the way. Infinity Squared is a multipurpose creativity tool that can be used in education, business, or just to have fun with friends.


How should I use the Infinity series?

Use the Infinity series solo or in groups to solve your professional and personal challenges!

We recommend first identifying a challenge and then studying the fresh insights and perspectives you gain through playing.

The series is perfect for use in the classroom, your next brainstorming session, or at home. 

When should I use the Infinity series?

Anytime, anywhere.

Our Infinity series is here to guide your decision-making process no matter what challenge you’re facing!