Our thoughtful twist on a happy hour. 

We are tired of happy hours where we absently exchange business cards and make small talks. Joyful Hour is our intentional space for members, leaders, and innovators ready to learn from one another over deep conversations.

With our innovative  SPARK question cards, we deepen our insights about who we are, what we want to do, and how we are getting there through reflection and exchange of ideas. Join us for a thoughtful toast and deeper conversation, while also building some meaningful relationships. 

Type of Program: Social event

Length of the event: Typically up to 2-3 hours

Average group size: 20 to 45 people

Best for: Everyone who loves having meaningful conversations & building deeper relationships through reflection, mindfulness, & exchange of ideas in an intentional space over a glass of bubbly or a bottle of fuzz!

When is the next event? Our next Joyful Hour will be in the fall. We will announce the date in July. Why not follow us on Social Media so you'll be among the first to be notified?


Keen to join us for a thoughtful toast over deeper conversation?