Mindful Mondays is a series of workshops done over a period of time that dives into several elements of creative thinking.

While the program focuses on different aspects each time, its key impact is seen on culture, energy, mindfulness, productivity, reflection, and greater fulfillment. To align with different topics that are covered each time, different activities are done in each session that evolve and change over time.

This improves the participants holistically on various soft skills leading them to see an organic growth over time.


Type of Program: Series of workshop

Length of Workshop: Three 60-minute sessions over 3-months; or six 60-minute sessions over 6-months. This can be extended over a longer duration to fit the needs of the organization.

Average class size: 6 to 15 people

Suitable for: Departments and teams looking to improve on their productivity and culture through creativity, mindfulness, and reflection. Great for changemakers within organization, new managers and senior managers.

Is it customizable? Yes.

What will we gain? Creative thinking, mindfulness, critical observation, adaptability, curiosity, questioning, empathy, emotional intelligence, and a whole lot more.

What areas does it help? Mindful Mondays is best for holistic interpersonal growth and collective departmental and team-wide evolution, which positively impacts on overall culture and increased productivity.

How much is the cost? Depends on the number of participants, length of program, venue & food, travel, and types of services.


Through a mix of creative exercises, active networking, and thought-provoking speaker sessions, our program inspires creativity and innovation leading to greater fulfillment, productivity, and energy for themselves and those around them.



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" Somehow creativity seemed like an elusive skill, something that people are either born with or not. It is commonplace in my professional career, so either I get up to speed or get left behind. Thanks to the workshop, the real challenge was shifting my paradigm a bit to view creativity as a mindset, something that we can build and strengthen over time. You just need to train it like anything else in life."

- Steven A. Rodriguez, Worldwide Startup Community Manager, Global Entrepreneurship Network



" I still remembered attending InnovatorsBox's program in a quintessential cafe on a weekday morning in NYC - Monica's activities in an hour made me feel unplugged and appreciative about things that I tend to easily forget. Normally a typical weekday in this busy city would fill up with work and stress, but that day onwards my thoughts would go beyond things like work. Monica's program has instilled a difference and creative perspective in me!"

- Sophie Li, Deloitte