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Mindful Play

We get it. Innovation is critical to your company's success but the path to innovative thinking seems blurred. That's why you need Mindful Play.

Mindful Play is our series of customized creative workshops for organizations ready for positive change. Our practical approach to creativity empowers participants with creative confidence, productivity and effectiveness. 

What's your objective? Increasing employee engagement? Investing in your team's talent? Empowering your team for renewed confidence? Or all of the above? We have just the right creative workshop that you have been looking for!

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“Working with InnovatorsBox was a great experience. The opportunity to be creative while being grounded in our objectives at the same time was exactly what we needed as a new team. I would highly recommend InnovatorsBox to assist organizations in mind mapping and getting creative on tough topics.”
— Cortni Grange, Executive Director, FLYE

I'm ready to invest in my team's creativity!

Fill out the form to tell us what you are looking for. For other inquires or questions, please email our Founder & CEO Monica Kang at [email protected].

We can't wait to help your team prosper on its creative front!

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As a result of Monica’s work, our green business entrepreneurs walked away from the Green Festival Expo B2B Power Session re-energized and more hopeful about their businesses. We are all so fortunate to have the likes of Monica in our wonderful industry
— Robert J. Butler, National Progarm Director, Green Festival Expo

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is Mindful Play?

Mindful Play includes:

Customized curriculums to fit the requesting client's unique need Interactive creative exercises, question prompts, and sketch exercises to spur creativity. Unique venue space to host the workshop (if budget permits). Access and special offers to future InnovatorsBox's events and coaching sessions. Access to InnovatorsBox's members deals with partnered organizations

+ Why should I care?

Mindful Play will be a great fit if you want to:

Empower your employees with creative confidence; Increase team's productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency; Excite your employees about creative collaboration and creative problem solving regularly; Encourage your employees to be comfortable with seeking new insights beyond their comfort zones; Challenge your employees to look beyond the routine procedures with new insights; Build a more healthy, joyful, and creative work culture;

+ Who is this for? Is this suitable for my team?

Mindful Play is great for teams and departments that want to deepen their relationships and engagement. If you are looking to improve your team's engagement, productivity, effectiveness and unlock their creative potential, Mindful Play is the answer.

Our programs can be tailored for executives, managers, and new employees. Our speciality is working with diverse industries such as government, nonprofit, banking, health care, technology, law, hospitality, education, food and beverage, consulting, real estate and supply chain.

+ How much does it cost?

Mindful Play cost depends on the number of participants, length of program, venue & food, travel, and types of services. To accommodate each team's budget, we can adjust the service package to meet your budget. We also offer special rates for non-profits, academias, startups and organizations with tight budget that are eager to support their team's creativity. If you are interested, please send us a note and we can discuss what is possible.

+ What is in the cost?

To provide you the critical lasting impact, we pour out our energy, analysis and time with each client. No program is the same as others because no organization's situation is the same. This is why each cost includes the many hours, analysis, evaluation, and customized program materials we build prior, during, and after the workshop. This is why we can guarantee you bringing that change you've been looking for.

Our work starts as soon as you say yes with us and not on the day of the workshop.

+ What about the cost for other engagements?

In addition to workshops, we offer facilitation, speaking, consulting, and coaching in topics such as creativity, innovation, mentorship, entrepreneurship and team confidence building. If you are interested in any of these services, please indicate your interest in the form below so that we can follow up with you.

If you are unsure what service may be the best fit, you can also request a free 15-minute consultation with us.