You with that fear. Don’t be discouraged.

When you experience “the worst case scenario”, what do you do? Deep down, we all know that there is something we fear and when it happens, it can be terrifying. I know that I panic for a moment and it feels horrible. Despite the heroic reminders of “challenges make you stronger” ringing through my head, at that very moment, I know that I feel a huge sense of discouragement. I also feel like, I don’t ever want to do again whatever it is that caused this, in a fear of having to feel this sense of fear again.

So, what do you do when that happens? How do you get yourself back up again? You need a remedy that works for you. A remedy that will stop you from walking the path of building a wall of risk-aversiveness. 

Because it is only natural that you try to opt out of the risk that could potentially make you cringe again. This also means that perhaps we could look at some of our friends’ fears of doing certain things more closely with empathy instead of simply assuming them to be risk-averse. Have you thought of asking why they do not want to take that risk in the first place? Maybe understanding that reason could help redirect the fear and understand what actions could be taken. 

That takes courage and that’s why one of my best remedy for facing fear is buddying up with courage. It comes in all shapes and forms but it always leaves me with hope, knowing that I “can” do something instead of staying there feeling hopeless. It helps me see the true limitless color of the future as a creative. What is your relationship with fear? Don’t be discouraged. Here is a song from Trolls to reflect.