The layers of reasoning and questioning.

If we pause for a moment and ask why, we see many interesting things with opposite truths. Isn’t it interesting how our workload has not decreased despite all technological advancements? In fact, it has only increased and we spend more days priding on living a busy life. Isn’t technology supposed to make our life easier and simpler? Why are we adding more work on our plates and still burning out from work and life? Have you noticed that most HR professionals are females but we still struggle with gender pay gap and diversity in leadership? How do we change that? 

Why are our tech-savvy young students struggle with core digital skills such as email attachments and scheduling in the work culture?

None of these questions have one simple answer but asking these questions is an important start. If we do not ask, how can we expect to understand and explore why? The things we consider to be normal today was not normal until it became normal. So if we accept the things today ‘as is’ and never question how it came to be, then expecting change, improvement and innovation become unrealistic.

Layers of questioning and reasoning can lead us to finding interesting insights and key findings. How might you take the courage this week to ask those questions?