Feedback's Two Faces.

We all have room for improvement. We also see how others can improve. Giving and receiving feedback is a pretty important part of our personal growth. I agree. But I wonder what our feedback really means if we are also judging that experience based on our own lens instead of being open to what is happening. 

Let’s take a look. When was the last time you gave feedback? Have you thought of how much it may have been based on your past experience or how you feel about something now? We are so used to being asked for feedback and giving that I wonder if we ever pause and reflect what we are really saying is feedback or judgment. 

How often do we let the age or title define us to give the right to judge others about what is right or wrong? What if we paused a bit next time we wanted to give feedback and asked ourselves what do we really mean here? Maybe what we will share won’t be the same.

with love, Monica Kang

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