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  • Why I am going out of my way to debunk creativity on LinkedIn Blog
  • Rethinking networking and why building relationships is key on LinkedIn Blog
  • Rethinking creativity as a social entrepreneur and how to build that mindset on DC+Acumen
  • How to practice creativity when you don't have time for it on Thrive Global
  • How to network with intention and result. My strategies for the new year shared on WeWork Creator.


All podcast interviews are with Founder, Monica Kang

  • Discussing what diverse creativity means with Kevin at Cracking Creativity (Fall 2016)
  • Talk with Neetal on creative social entrepreneurship on Innov8social Podcast (Fall 2016)
  • Talk with Dhanya about how to use creativity from burnout at Greater Than Podcast (Summer 2016)
  • Interview with Natasha on DC entrepreneurship and creativity at Founders Next Door (January 2017)
  • Talk with Tara Padua on how to build an innovative workplace on NextFem Podcast (January 2017)
  • Interview with Sheena on self-confidence and creativity at Tao of Self Confidence (March 2017)
  • Interview with Melanie Spring on why creativity is key and not fluffy at Adventures in Branding (March 2017)
  • Interview with KiKi L'Italien on the Association Chat about creativity and the transitions in life (May 2017)


All speakings are with Founder, Monica Kang.

  • Guest speaker at Rotary Club Fed City to discuss the power of creative leadership (9/2016)
  • Panelist at the Humble VC's Inclusive Economics and Innovation Panel to discuss about the power of authentic community development in entrepreneurship as a minority business owner - Humble VC. (10/2016)
  • Panelist at the She Started It documentary screening at Hera Hub DC to share insights, challenges and opportunities as a female entrepreneur in DC. (1/2017)
  • Panelist at Mentor Method and Femma & Fortune's "Focus + Happy Hour" to share how to manage time and hustle as an entrepreneur to aspiring young female professionals. (1/2017)
  • Speaker at Booz Allen Hamilton's annual 2017 Ideas Festival to do SPARK workshops on creativity (1/2017)
  • Special speaker at an Innovation Business Class at Pepperdine University to share insights as a creative educator with students in undergraduate (11/2016 and 2/2017)
  • Speaker for a private lunch & learn event about creativity at workplace at Urban Institute (2/2017)
  • Spoke as one of the guest speaker at private SCORE Board meeting. (2/2017)
  • Presented InnovatorsBox and creative leadership for the Technology Industry Group (3/2017)
  • Hosted a creative leadership workshop at Johns Hopkins University's "Women's Leadership Conference Remarkable : The Art of Reinvention." (3/2017) 
  • Spoke as one of the panelist at the 2nd Annual "Brunch Fit for Queen" in celebration of Women's History Month with The Lead Girl Foundation, Inc. (4/2017)
  • Presented on creative leadership as part of spring leadership training. (4/2017)
  • Spoke about creative leadership and entrepreneurship at Georgetown University. (4/2017)
  • Advised and judged as a creative educator and entrepreneur at Dolphin Tank. (5/2017)
  • Facilitated a creative community workshop for Harvard W3D at a Night At the Gallery. (5/2017)
  • Spoke as one of the female founder panelist at Beacon DC at #InnoMAYtion Hackathon. (5/2017)
  • Spoke at the Next Big Movement Talk to discuss about entrepreneurship and humility (5/2017)
  • Spoke as the "Mentor of the Day" at the The Practice Pop-Up DC event (6/2017)

Upcoming events

  • 6/13-18 - Speaking at Creative Problem Solving Institute || Buffalo, NY
  • 6/20-23 - Moderating at Conference WBENC || Las Vegas, NV
  • 7/8 - Speaking at University of Maryland's MBA Class || Washington, DC
  • 7/27-28 - Mentoring at NextGen (DC)



  • Founder Monica Kang video interview with LeaderStories on our passion and journey building InnovatorsBox
  • Capturing our creative leadership bootcamp program Creative Jump  
  • Take a look inside our Beyond The Box speaker series with innovators


Articles & Others


  • Shared insights on how to build creative habits in 2017 for new year resolutions with Renewal Project.
  • Featured for our insights on what are the top trends and predictions for small business owners in 2017 at Business News Daily.
  • Interview with Renewal Project on how creativity plays a critical role in authentic community development. 
  • Interview with Next Fem to share insights on how to build an innovative workplace and start a business.
  • Creative Jump, our creative leadership bootcamp was featured at Technical.ly DC as a program empowering professionals.
  • Interview with LeaderStories on how Founder Monica formed the company, what challenges she faced and why she is determined to not stop society from professionals tapping into their creativity
  • Foundered highlighted for being one of the rising minority millennial entrepreneurs at McPhersonBerry.
  • Founder Monica Kang featured as an innovator to look out for in The Bridge newsletter that bridges SF & DC
  • Featured as #WeDC Ambassador to represent DC Tech at SXSW 2017 on Technical.ly DC
  • Founder Monica Kang is selected as one of the 26 #WeDC Ambassadors to represent DC at SXSW 2017
  • Photographed at WeDC House at SXSW Kickoff event by Washington Life Magazine
  • Featured for our insights on better team communication process at Real Time Board
  • Interview with The Asian Entrepreneur magazine about our work and insight as a minority business owner
  • Interview with Danielle at Elegant Entrepreneur as one of the Friday Female Founders 
  • Highlighted as Project 500 entrepreneurs in March to April 2017 on the Venture DC website.
  • Participated as one of the innovative women owned business at USPTO's Women Owned Business Expo as part of Women National History Month in Arlington, VA
  • Sponsored at CreateAthon in support of local creative entrepreneurship development in DC in March
  • Sponsored at SheRocksEvent in support of female founder entrepreneurship development in DC in March
  • Monica was one of the 26 selected WeDC Ambassador to represent DC at SXSW 2017. InnovatorsBox showcased our work at WeDC House on 3/11 and welcomed the SXSW community at the WeDC CXO Party.
  • Monica was one of the 50 selected leaders to participate in American Express Leadership Academy Alumni Summit to continue leadership training in NY. April.
  • Monica Kang's journey, from working in a dream career and still feeling stuck to founding InnovatorsBox and being a creative educator, was featured in This is DC Stories in April.
  • Quoted for tips on how to start your new job at Brit and Co in April.
  • Featured as one of the Young Innovators at WeWork in April. Read our story here.
  • SPARK Cards, InnovatorsBox's creative card game, was featured in Women Owned on May 5, 2017, along with the Company profile and a thoughtful quote from CEO Monica Kang
  • Monica's story was published in #innoMAYtion, Mayor Bowser's month long initiative showcasing how ideas from local entrepreneurs and innovators are making the District a global model for inclusive innovation.
  • Our Founder Monica Kang interviewed with Startup Savant on entrepreneurship and creative community development



  • Technical.ly DC shares our journey redefining creativity 
  • Technical.ly DC reported on our Beyond The Box speaker series to redefine people's perception on creativity in five industries
  • Reflection and insights from the Ashoka Emerging Young Entrepreneurs‘ NYC Bootcamp
  • Interview with BillionSuccess on entrepreneurship and creative thinking
  • Featured as one of the innovative businesses contributing to America’s innovative makers’ growth on the White House Fact Sheet on Nations of Makers in June 2016.
  • Featured as one of the SCORE American Small Business Championship winners tackling creativity as an American small business
  • Featured at Grin News about our work helping leaders be more creative and how that works
  • Interview with StoryExchange on why creative thinking is key and how Monica started the business from nothing to something
  • Interview with 100 Stories Worth Telling that celebrates female entrepreneurship and their real journeys 
  • Interview with Startup Capital about our upcoming creative leadership bootcamp for professionals in greater DC, Creative Jump 
  • Shared strategic insights on how to unplug and recharge during your busy schedule as an entrepreneur with Technical.ly DC
  • Our creative card game SPARK is featured as one of the card games for education and creativity on Deckaholic
  • Shared insights on how to make better professional goals and habits in 2017 with The Network Journal.
  • Monica mentored to help aspiring entrepreneurs at Startup Weekend DC in Fall 2016.
  • Involved Community partner and supporter to DC Comedy Hack Day in November 2016.
  • Participated as a community venture for rapid prototype session at StartingBloc DC 16'. 
  • Monica's interview with Cereal Entrepreneur as a social entrepreneur and how it started


Where to find InnovatorsBox next...

  • 5/27 - Women Empowerment Expo || Washington, DC
  • 6/5-6 - MCON || Washington, DC
  • 6/13-18 - Creative Problem Solving Conference (CPSI) || Buffalo, NY
    • Presenting on creativity and community development
  • 6/19 - WeConnect International Day || Las Vegas, NV
  • 6/20-23 - Conference WBENC || Las Vegas, NV
  • 6/26-28 - Future of Fintech by CB Insights || NYC
  • 7/27-28 - NextGen Conference || Washington, DC
  • 10/22-25 - NMSDC Conference || Detroit, MI


Please send any press inquiries here or at [email protected]