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  • Why I am going out of my way to debunk creativity on LinkedIn Blog
  • Rethinking networking and why building relationships is key on LinkedIn Blog
  • Rethinking creativity as a social entrepreneur and how to build that mindset on DC+Acumen
  • How to practice creativity when you don't have time for it on Thrive Global
  • How to network with intention and result. My strategies for the new year shared on WeWork Creator.


All podcast interviews are with Founder, Monica Kang


All speakings are with Founder, Monica Kang.

  • Panelist at the Humble VC's Inclusive Economics and Innovation Panel to discuss about the power of authentic community development in entrepreneurship as a minority business owner - Humble VC. (10/2016)
  • Panelist at the She Started It documentary screening at Hera Hub DC to share insights, challenges and opportunities as a female entrepreneur in DC. (1/2017)
  • Panelist at Mentor Method and Femma & Fortune's "Focus + Happy Hour" to share how to manage time and hustle as an entrepreneur to aspiring young female professionals. (1/2017)
  • Speaker at Booz Allen Hamilton's annual 2017 Ideas Festival to do SPARK workshops on creativity (1/2017)
  • Special speaker at an Innovation Business Class at Pepperdine University to share insights as a creative educator with students in undergraduate (11/2016 and 2/2017)
  • Speaker for a private lunch & learn event about creativity at workplace at Urban Institute (2/2017)
  • Monica Kang was one of the guest speaker at private SCORE Board meeting. (2/2017)
  • Presented InnovatorsBox and creative leadership for the Technology Industry Group (3/2017)
  • Monica hosted a creative leadership workshop at Johns Hopkins University's "Women's Leadership Conference Remarkable : The Art of Reinvention." (3/2017) 
  • Monica spoke as one of the panelist at the 2nd Annual "Brunch Fit for Queen" in celebration of Women's History Month with The Lead Girl Foundation, Inc. (4/2017)
  • Monica presented on creative leadership as part of spring leadership training. (4/2017)
  • Monica spoke about creative leadership and entrepreneurship at Georgetown University. (4/2017)

Upcoming events

  • 6/13-18 - Creative Problem Solving Institute, Buffalo, NY



  • Founder Monica Kang video interview with LeaderStories on our passion and journey building InnovatorsBox
  • Capturing our creative leadership bootcamp program Creative Jump  


Articles & Others




  • Our Founder Monica Kang interviewed with Startup Savant on entrepreneurship and creative community development
  • Technical.ly DC shares our journey redefining creativity 
  • Technical.ly DC reported on our Beyond The Box speaker series to redefine people's perception on creativity in five industries
  • Reflection and insights from the Ashoka Emerging Young Entrepreneurs‘ NYC Bootcamp
  • Interview with BillionSuccess on entrepreneurship and creative thinking
  • Featured as one of the innovative businesses contributing to America’s innovative makers’ growth on the White House Fact Sheet on Nations of Makers in June 2016.
  • Featured as one of the SCORE American Small Business Championship winners tackling creativity as an American small business
  • Featured at Grin News about our work helping leaders be more creative and how that works
  • Interview with StoryExchange on why creative thinking is key and how Monica started the business from nothing to something
  • Interview with 100 Stories Worth Telling that celebrates female entrepreneurship and their real journeys 
  • Interview with Startup Capital about our upcoming creative leadership bootcamp for professionals in greater DC, Creative Jump 
  • Shared strategic insights on how to unplug and recharge during your busy schedule as an entrepreneur with Technical.ly DC
  • Our creative card game SPARK is featured as one of the card games for education and creativity on Deckaholic
  • Shared insights on how to make better professional goals and habits in 2017 with The Network Journal.
  • Monica mentored to help aspiring entrepreneurs at Startup Weekend DC in Fall 2016.
  • Involved Community partner and supporter to DC Comedy Hack Day in November 2016.
  • Participated as a community venture for rapid prototype session at StartingBloc DC 16'. 
  • Monica's interview with Cereal Entrepreneur as a social entrepreneur and how it started


Where to find InnovatorsBox next...

  • 3/21 -  USPTO Women Owned Business Expo || Washington, DC 
  • 3/21-24 - Summit WBENC || New Orleans, LN
    • 3/21 - Presenting at the Technology Industry Group 
  • 3/24-25 - CreateAthon || Washington, DC
  • 3/25-26 - SheRocksEvent || Washington, DC
  • 3/28 - Mentoring at a University of Maryland Conference || Washington, DC
  • 3/31 - Johns Hopkins University's "Women's Leadership Conference Remarkable" || Washington, DC
  • 4/1 -  The The Lead Girl Foundation, Inc.'s 2nd Annual "Brunch Fit for Queen" || Beltsville MD
  • 4/3- 4/4 - American Express Leadership Academy | 2017 Global Alumni Summit Delegate || NYC
    • Join us online live stream by registering here.
  • 4/5 - Speaking at a private event || Washington, DC
  • 4/6 - Speaking at Georgetown University's Career Fair on entrepreneurship || Washington, DC
  • 4/19 - Webinar on creative leadership || Online
  • 4/16-21 - World Creativity and Innovation Week || Worldwide
  • 4/16 - 21 - DC3In's Welcome Week || Washington, DC
  • 5/15 - 18 - Disrupt NY by TechCrunch || NYC
  • 6/13-18 - Creative Problem Solving Conference (CPSI) || Buffalo, NY
    • Presenting on creativity and community development
  • 6/20-23 - Conference WBENC || Las Vegas, NV
  • 8/18-25 - InnovatorsBox on Vacation 
  • 10/22-25 - NMSDC Conference || Detroit, MI