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75% professionals feel lack of creativity in the workplace in the U.S. Over 65% of all Americans experience stress due to work. And more than half of U.S. employees feel disengaged at work, and therefore, limited in their creative potential.  InnovatorsBox® exists to counter these not-so-flattering statistics, and our public events are designed to bring creativity to everyone. We bring a number of direct-to-public programs to enact on our mission to help everyone gain access to their unlimited creative potential, and understand that transformation is possible simply with a change of mindset.

We offer range of different services including innovative speaker series, creative bootcamp, social events, and live videos.

Our Public Programs


Ready for a creative journey?

Our public programs and events are for everyone!

But it can be most beneficial to those going through any of these six phases in their careers:

 Graduates & Early Entrants

Career-change stage

New emerging managers 

Leaders & Senior Execs.

 Specialty occupations

Return to work professionals

What our clients have to say

Over a thousand leaders across 12 industries have already gained value from the range of our services - from workshops to series, and from consulting to speaking. See how they have benefited from our services, and how you can too.