Your pocket inspiration for creativity.

Say hello to your creativity!

SPARK is a deck of thoughtful questions curated by InnovatorsBox® - ready for you and your friends to embark on your creative journey

The deck is divided into three themes: Curiosity, Reflection, and Creativity.

Each question will challenge your assumption, defer judgment, and help you bring about an open mind



What is in SPARK?

57 thoughtful questions curated by InnovatorsBox®

Designed with joy by our designer, Monica Escobar Beasley. 

19 questions in curiosity, 21 in reflection and 17 in creativity.




Why meet SPARK?

Because great questions are powerful.

They inspire you, encourage you, challenge you, cause you to reflect, and be creative! We wanted you to access those questions at your fingertip. 

These make great gifts too!





How do I play SPARK?

SPARK can be used alone for reflection or in groups of 2-5 people for team building, generating creative answers and sparking better conversations.

Set an intentional space and time for about 30-90 minutes. A person draws a card and reads the question. Everyone in the group takes turn reflecting and sharing.  

Active listening is key. For larger groups, use a timer and allow each person 2-4 minutes to answer. Repeat this with each person playing!




When do I play SPARK?

Whenever you want. Wherever you go. Take SPARK with you, and SPARK a meaningful conversations on a much deeper levels.

Relationships formed on a solid creative foundations go much far than those formed over procrastination!

Play it at your office, your book club, your wine Wednesdays, your happy hours, and even in your commute time. The possibilities with SPARK is literally endless!


Can we make it sweeter? It's only $20 per box!

Get your SPARK today. Availability is limited. 

Proudly Made in DC and Women Owned!