Meet SPARK 2

SPARK has been a great success, thanks to its fans!

And now, the wait is over, and we're thrilled to introduce the next generation of SPARK to you.

Yes, SPARK 2 is here!!

SPARK 2 had been on pre-sale for the past few weeks, but it's now here and ready to ship!

Make it for delivery before
Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays! Place your order now!


Even deeper questions!

SPARK 2 is a deck of whole new cards with more thoughtful, powerful, and stimulating questions!


The same familiar deck of cards, but with an updated design, deeper & thought-provoking questions, and more fun!

Write your own questions!

We've also included three blank cards, so you can write your own sets of SPARK questions! So go ahead, get your creative juices flowing!


SPARK 2 had been on pre-sale for the past few weeks, but it's now here and ready to ship! Order now to receive it just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. You can use them as thoughtful gifts to your friends & family, your customers, or use them in your end-of-year retreats and conferences.


SPARK 2 | Order now!

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SPARK is your best travel companion!

You meet new people and strike a conversation. Asking meaningful and thoughtful SPARK questions will help you make a powerful first impression and an impact!


SPARK 1 & SPARK 2 | Bundle joy!


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