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Whether you are looking to gain branding exposure, market your products and services, or support a local creative community, InnovatorsBox® gives our sponsors first-hand discovery, interaction, and experience with a unique group of the most innovative makers, doers, and creatives in diverse industries outside of fine arts.

To empower professionals with creative thinking, InnovatorsBox® hosts various creative workshops, seminars, and speaker series for the community. We want to work with companies who want to share this marketing opportunity and help us make these public events come to life. Learn why they love us, and why you will too!

Not only will your sponsorship increase your exposure and platform, but it will also make a significant difference in the lives of others.

+ Why Sponsor?

  • Opportunity to reach potential new customers who want to learn more about your services and products.
  • Opportunity to connect with InnovatorsBox's members, who are leaders in government, nonprofit, academia, law, finance, engineering, business, and startups.
  • Opportunity to enhance branding image in community and education by supporting community educational programs for students and professionals.
  • Opportunity to market and brand yourself as a creative leader and community supporter in your city to attract audiences in that space.

+ Our Target Audience

Early and mid-career professionals with 2-10+ years of work experience in traditionally non-creative sectors such as government, banking, and nonprofits who crave to dive deeper into their creative potential. Today, 75% of corporate Americans feel stuck or deprived of a creative outlet, and a large percentage of the millennials in cities such as Washington, DC fall under this category.

These individuals feel stuck professionally and personally, and believe they can live and work better if they find the right approach. They work in organizations that value employee growth, however, they face challenges with bureaucracy, such as corporations in technology, finance, supply chain industries, or in government sectors.

+ Our Outreach Size

We have a vibrant online and offline community. In 11 months we have hosted 40 events for 370+ unique individuals in seven cities with 890+ members on our weekly newsletter.

New members frequently find us via word of mouth, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), and local communities.

Event Sponsorship Tiers

See more details on our sponsorship package here. Sponsorships are for all community events in 2017 unless specified to an event.

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  • Company name and logo listed on website ( for 12 months;
  • Promotion through InnovatorsBox social media channels;
  • Company name and logo listed on sponsoring event page.
Innovators Box - 3 (7).png
  • All benefits of Curious Sponsorship;
  • Sponsor acknowledgement and company logo displayed on site signage;
  • Verbal recognition by InnovatorsBox as a dedicated sponsor at all community event introductions;
  • 1 SPARK box.
  • All benefits of the Kind Sponsorship;
  • Two VIP tickets to a 2017 Creative Jump;
  • Invited to address attendees for 3 minutes during two sponsored events;
  • Invited to set up promotional materials and swags at four sponsored events;
  • Company logo identified as partner level on printed event promotional pieces and e-newsletters;
  • Receive 1 hour creative experiential focused marketing consulting with InnovatorsBox;
  • All benefits of the Joyful Sponsorship;
  • Reserved VIP seats at exclusive community events as participants with members;
  • Receive 35% discount to first corporate training with InnovatorsBox for your company;
  • 1 additional SPARK box (2 total) and a 30 minute consultation on how to hold creative meetings with SPARK.
  • Exclusive 15-minute Facebook Live interview with your company to demonstrate how your company is integrating innovation as a thought leader;
  • One exclusive members-only pop-up event on innovation with your company in 2017 as a co-host.
  • All benefits of the Mindful Sponsorship;
  • Two additional VIP tickets to a 2017 Creative Jump;
  • Dedicated company profile on our website for 12 months that illustrates how your company is innovative and is supporting local community growth.

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