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" Monica and the InnovatorsBox team did a fantastic job making creativity something tangible and process driven. Their exercises got the group to bond together quickly, to come up with dozens of new ideas, and helped us re-examine what we could be capable of if we deliberately made creativity a part of our daily routine. The world is in desperate need of what their team has to offer !"

— Adam L. Hesch Associate Shift Manager, Global Security Operations Center, Facebook

Innovators Box | Testimonial | Facebook
Innovators Box | Testimonial | Johns Hopkins University

" Johns Hopkins University SAIS was absolutely thrilled with the services received by Monica from InnovatorsBox. We had the opportunity to experience a full afternoon of fun, engaging, and thought-provoking activities that are designed to encourage creativity in the workplace. I personally recommend InnovatorsBox for any person or organization seeking professional or personal development opportunities."

— Tanya McMillian, Assistant Director of Office of Financial Aid, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University


" Working with InnovatorsBox was a great experience. The opportunity to be creative while being grounded in our objectives at the same time was exactly what we needed as a new team. I would highly recommend InnovatorsBox to assist organizations in mind mapping and getting creative on tough topics."

— Cortni Grange, Executive Director, FLYE

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Innovators Box | Testimonial | IBM

" The creative workshop Monica provided my IBM team enlightened our understanding and ability to be creative in the workplace. The workshop was a reminder as well as a practice of how we as individuals and as a team can be imaginative and innovative in many different aspects of life. Needless to say, we all felt like better employees and better people after the workshop ended. Highly recommend! Thank you, Monica!"

— Amanda Gossman, Consultant, IBM


" Monica has introduced a new way of working at Booz Allen. Through InnovatorsBox workshops at our Innovation Center and annual Ideas Festival in Washington, DC, employees have had the chance to explore what creativity means in a business setting and how to apply new thinking to tired problems. These practices are essential learning for not only bringing change into an environment, but a level of comfortability in embracing creativity as a fundamental discipline for innovation. Thank you!"

— Kristen Dalton, Innovation Center, Project Teams & Operations, Booz Allen Hamilton

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Innovators Box | Testimonial | Facebook

" I participated in a creativity workshop with Monica and found it immensely valuable for rethinking the application of creativity exercises and activities in my daily work. From beginning to end, I felt engaged. I took away practical knowledge about creativity that went beyond simply saying “creativity is great”. Whether you’re an artist or accountant, this workshop showed me that anyone can find a space for creativity in their daily routine , and it opens your mind to fresh ideas and new perspective. It’s a highly interactive experience that I encourage any group to explore."

— Corey Ponder Privacy Program Manager, Facebook

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" InnovatorsBox is an amazing space to open your mind. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on personal aspects of your life and engage with them on a deeper level. The structure of the exercises helps you think through and see things from a different perspective. Through InnovatorsBox, I appreciate that creativity is a state of mind and how important it is to practice creativity regularly as a habit. This is why I continue to return to their workshops."

— Chelsea Moubarak Foreign Affairs Officer, U.S. Department of State

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Innovators Box | Testimonial | Esteem Logic

" How fortuitous that I participated in Creative Jump one week into starting a new entrepreneurial journey! Monica Kang and her team put together an invaluable experience intentionally aimed to draw out the passion and creativity in the participants. I had a great time connecting and sharing creative moments with extraordinary and inspiring change makers who are dynamic, supportive and compassionate. Simply priceless! "

— Kristina Francis, Founder, Esteem Logic


" Many people praise the value of creativity and innovation, and say that our organizations and workforce need these qualities in spades. However, few take the time to actually define those traits, much less discuss how to support and inspire them. Monica does not cut corners or function as some bureaucratic training requirement on creativity and innovation. I only recommend Monica and InnovatorsBox to those who are serious about nurturing and growing these values in their everyday personal and professional lives. "

- Jeremy Pesner, Technology and Policy Analyst, Baltimore City Department of Social Services Fellow, Baltimore Corps

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Innovators Box | Testimonial | Green Festival

" As a result of Monica's work, our green business entrepreneurs walked away from the Green Festival Expo B2B Power Session re-energized and more hopeful about their businesses. We are all so fortunate to have the likes of Monica in our wonderful industry. "

- Robert J. Butler, National Progarm Director, Green Festival Expo


" Somehow creativity seemed like an elusive skill, something that people are either born with or not. It is commonplace in my professional career, so either I get up to speed or get left behind. Thanks to Creative Jump the real challenge was shifting my paradigm a bit to view creativity as a mindset, something that we can build and strengthen over time. You just need to train it like anything else in life."

- Steven A. Rodriguez, Worldwide Startup Community Manager, Global Entrepreneurship Network

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Innovators Box | Testimonial | Beekeeper Group

" The real genius of InnovatorsBox is that they help you realize your own potential. For account staff at a public affairs agency, it’s easy to see creativity as “someone else’s job.” But when Monica spoke at our company’s spring training, she helped us see that there was space for creativity in every part of our work. "

- Alexandra Dickinson, Director & Chief of Staff, Beekeeper Group

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Testimonial | Computer Futures | InnovatorsBox

" Monica Kang from InnovatorsBox is an excellent moderator. Her preparation and ability to project manage was unparalleled, which ensured the evening ran fluidly. She was able to engage each of the speakers equally while managing the audience in a positive way. Her knowledge and passion for Diversity in Technology ensured our inaugural event was a success and laid the foundations for our Breaking the Glass series of panel discussions. Her questions asked the panelists to be vulnerable and reminded the audience how largely personal the issues in diversity in tech are. It was clear how engaged the audience was as they asked many questions and Monica was able to balance taking these while keeping the conversation productive. She demonstrates poise during her presentation and arrives relaxed and prepared, I look forward to seeing her speak again.’ "

- Jacquelyn Vinnedge, Computer Futures


" Monica provides direct, informative, and actionable thoughts. She spoke to an outgoing group of Atlas Corps Fellows (global professionals who served a year in the United States) and they each walked away with a clear "next step" to forward their professional careers. It was key for this moment of transition! "

- Abby (Flottemesch) Robinson, Chief Development & Engagement Officer, Atlas Corps

Testimonial | Atlas Corps | InnovatorsBox
Testimonial | John Hopkins University, JHU | InnovatorsBox

" In a world where the belief that people are either creative or not, Monica Kang and InnovatorsBox help to provide a framework through which anyone can connect with creativity. Monica presented at our 2017 Women’s Leadership Conference and the feedback was tremendous. She inspired many participants who were originally creatively tentative to experiment and see problem-solving as an opportunity to embrace creativity."

- Vicky Schneider, Associate Director, Affinity Programs


" There is a sort of “myth of creativity” that prevents some people from engaging in activities that they view as creative. Monica provided specific tools and strategies that teach people to be creative in diverse settings. The SPARK cards made the act of creativity more accessible and her session demystified creativity – taking the focus away from perfection and re-directing it toward problem-solving. Her personal story and professional experiences are compelling and provide a great frame through which creativity is accessible to all people in all disciplines. The hands-on practice and exercise were wonderful. "

- Participant, 2017 Women’s Leadership Conference

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" Monica was a great speaker who engaged the entire room, at all their various levels of experience and professional positions. She monitored the engagement in the room, constantly checking in, to make sure everyone understood what she was teaching. She was accessible to those who may not have understood and helped them join the conversation by guiding them, in an unintimidating and informative manner. Her group facilitation skills engaged the room and I witnessed a level of interest that was not previously seen in that audience. She is a friendly and practiced facilitator and her empathy skills make her an asset to any community and organization."

- Susan Tenby, Director of Community & Partnerships, 2017 Public Good App House Festival


" GW was fortunate to have Monica Kang of InnovatorsBox lead the facilitation for the 2017 DC Climathon. With her experience from the private sector, she brought a fresh perspective and energy to our competition that is rooted in the higher ed and municipal government sectors. In 24 hours, Monica helped a room full of innovators share their ideas, form teams, and pitch their solutions to address weather impacts (heat, flooding, storms) on Washington, D.C. communities. I very much valued her insight on the creative process and how to run the competition so that teams felt engaged and well-informed. Monica helped make every minute of a significant 24-hour event count."

- Meghan Chapple, Director, Office of Sustainability, George Washington University

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" Monica and her team's session transformed the room. The Spark cards enabled our members and guests to delve deeply into themselves - from values and priorities to life milestones - and understand better their needs and contributions to our community. It was refreshing to have a social event over wine without the typical job and networking questions that are so typical in D.C.! "

- Courtney Walsh, President Harvard W3D, Women in Defense, Diplomacy, and Development

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Innovators Box | Testimonial | Georgetown University

" Monica is able to facilitate an instant connection with her audience. She's approachable, kind, but above all else, inspiring. Our students were blown away by her story and mission. They left questioning their own pursuits and how to reveal their inner "creative thought leader." Such a valuable experience! "

- W. Michael Canter, J.D.,Associate Dean, Academic Operations, Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies


" Creative Jump is a valuable, results-focused, and enjoyable experience. I left the day with concrete ideas on how to enhance my team's day-to-day creative process to get results. In addition to Monica's natural and insightful facilitation, the participants are accomplished and diverse which led to several new professional relationships hatched during the event. Creative Jump is ideal for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike, and, for me, well worth the investment!"

- Skyler Showell, Showell Ventures & Consulting PLLC

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Innovators Box | Testimonial | Paige del Rio

" Creative Jump marked a truly significant shift in my thinking and approach to work and collaboration. Not only were there incredible creative thinkers from nearly every industry in attendance, but there was a beautiful balance of inspiration and applicability, with activities expertly scaffolded to ensure participants were able to gradually ascend into higher modes of thinking. It's an inexplicable experience that will surely lead to clarity of thought, reinvestment in your mission, and an accountability network that you can continue to lean on for years to come." "

- Paige del Rio - Educator and consultant in Washington, DC


" Before attending InnovatorsBox's Creative Jump, I was feeling stuck as to how I could bring more creativity into my personal and professional life. Attending Creative Jump challenged and pushed me to think outside of my comfort zone. Monica was able to create a safe space to challenge assumptions, do some reflection, while learning from everyone else in the room. With her help I was able to build my creative confidence. And the best part of Creative Jump was the friends and community I was able make! "

- Alejandra Santaolalla, Grants Manager, League of conservation voters

Innovators Box | Testimonial | League of Conservation Voters
Innovators Box | Testimonial | Sara Guerreiro

" Creative Jump gave me an opportunity to reflect, connect, and learn about creativity. It 'activated' that part of my brain that wants to do more and better. That part of me that gives birth to new ideas and projects. By sharing my views with others and listening to inspiring stories by inspiring people, I feel that I'm not alone in this journey to become more of who I am supposed to be. Thank you! "

- Sara Guerreiro, Human Rights Legal Advisor, Coach, Washington, DC

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" Creative Jump beautifully brought students and professionals from a multitude of backgrounds together under one roof to explore creativity and innovation. The program sparked storytelling, relationship building, and the development of a community that'll last beyond a single weekend. It served as a safe place to teach, question, and learn. I would highly recommend Creative Jump to anyone who is interested in joining an exciting community full of creativity and innovation! "

- Jonathan Diaz, U.S. Department of Energy

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Innovators Box | Testimonial | Burgess


" Before coming to InnovatorsBox's Creative Jump I was feeling a creative block and frustrated with bureaucracy in my position. The structure of the workshop equips you with the skills needed to tap into creativity. My key takeaway was that creativity is a practice of mindfulness that must be exercised often. Diversity and representation within a team is vital to the creative process - no one person processes information the same way or has the same life experiences. Great ideas come from collaboration and openness."

- Ashley Powdar, Marketing Manager, Burgess


" Monica's creative and engaging workshop provided our members with an informative experience on how to propel their business careers. Monica impressively engaged our members and compelled innovative thinking through exercises and discussions that enhanced their creative confidence. This workshop definitely helped take United Women in Business Foundation's DC members to the next level of strategic thinking and planning for their careers."

- Christine Zaccak, President, United Women in Business Foundation (UWIB), DC Chapter

Innovators Box | Testimonial | United Women in Business Foundation
Innovators Box | Testimonial | Priyanka Komala

" Through this flow Monica built in the curriculum, not only did I find me stepping beyond my comfort zone but exploring this creative perspective deeper. In fact, tri-layer exercise such as “The Activity” taught me how incorporating creativity is truly a mindset and how important it is to practice and collaborate with others."

- Priyanka Komala, Technology Leader & Distinguished Speaker, Washington, DC

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" Monica's workshop was helpful in helping our members understand how to think creatively in their career paths. She was warm, energetic, and paid special attention to the questions the group had to make sure everyone got something out of the event."

- Janice Omadeke, CEO, The Mentor Method

Innovators Box | Testimonial | The Mentor Method
Innovators Box | Testimonial | Deloitte

" I still remembered attending InnovatorsBox's program in a quintessential cafe on a weekday morning in NYC - Monica's activities in an hour made me feel unplugged and appreciative about things that I tend to easily forget. Normally a typical weekday in this busy city would fill up with work and stress, but that day onwards my thoughts would go beyond things like work. Monica's program has instilled a difference and creative perspective in me!"

- Sophie Li, Deloitte


" Wow! Monica's InnovatorsBox workshop in LA was such an unexpectedly amazing experience. I became so engaged during the creative exercises that not only did I lose my sense of time, I could tell that my imagination was churning and operating on a higher level because I was so present. If you get a chance to sign up for a spot in one of Monica's workshops, I highly recommend it! You're not going to be disappointed. "

- Snow White Bui, Author

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Innovators Box | Testimonial | appjam

" After I attended Monica's workshop in LA, I felt very enlightened. Monica facilitated a wonderful interactive conversation which helped everyone become more aware, unlock their curiosity, and be intentional. From laughter to valuable learnings, the workshops are absolutely a wonderful example of the type of energy and interaction we need more of in our live! If you have a chance, I would highly recommend participating! Carpe Diem! "

- Nithin Jilla, CEO, AppJam+

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" Before participating in InnovatorsBox, I never really considered myself a creative. The activities from Mindful Mondays helped me to shift the way I think about creativity and perceive the world around me. The habits I learned from Monica have helped me to be in-tune with my inner creative and sparked a shift in how I approach problem solving. I highly recommend InnovatorsBox for anyone looking to rethink how they approach their profession on create something incredible! "

- Lindsay Young, Attorney

Innovators Box | Testimonial | Lindsay Young
Innovators Box | Testimonial | IBM

" I've attended two of Monica's InnovatorsBox workshops on mindfulness and was challenged every time to reflect on a new level. She is also a brilliant and selfless connector, always looking to open doors for other people. As a testament to her services and ability to inspire, I invited Monica to present to some of our consultants at IBM and am thrilled that she'll be able to share her gifts with a wider audience. Without reservation, I recommend Monica as someone to work with or simply just connect with to learn how her mind works. She is truly a gem! "

- Kushaan Shah, Founder at Social Rise, Consultant at IBM


" Although I consider myself a highly creative individual with a developed ability to think critically, I hoped that the workshop would stimulate me to reassess the ways in which I address my professional tasks and responsibilities. Creative Jump not only met these expectations, but it also provided me with valuable feedback on how I better present myself in a networking environment and how I can better practice creativity in my daily and professional life. The format of the workshop was a highly stimulating and we were able to mindfully investigate our preconceived notions about ourselves. I am thrilled that I was able to participate in such a dynamic group and grateful to have found Innovators Box."

- Charlotte Kubicz

Innovators Box | Testimonial | Charlotte Kubicz

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