Unplug is our Retreat model which helps leaders to unplug from the daily operational activities and embark on the creative journey outside of work in an experience-focused retreat setting.

This model allows the participants to clear the mental clutter before diving any deeper into the journey of creativity and mindfulness.

We take holidays to unplug and unwind - but vacations often end up becoming our temporary 'escapes'. Unplug, on the other hand, is curated for leaders to truly embark on a journey of turning challenges into opportunities by being and remaining mindful, observant, and curious.

Unplug has an emphasis on the social aspect, which in turn impacts the cultural development and transformation.

Type of Program: Retreat

Length of Workshop: 1.5 Days or 2-Days options.

Average group size: 8 to 30 people.

Suitable for: Businesses looking to galvanize the executive teams to work towards a shared goal, and to create a strong-knit team.

Is it customizable? [Yes/No].

What will we gain? Teamwork, Collaboration, Critical and creative thinking, mindfulness, curiosity, empathy, communication, and a whole lot more.

What areas does it help? Unplug helps with the unconscious bias, communication, & teamwork. It's best for cultural development and transformation through the journey of mindfulness and creativity and an operational unplug.

How much is the cost? Depends on the number of participants, length of program, venue & food, travel, and types of services.


Planning a Corporate Retreat? We offer 1.5 Days to 2 Days Retreat options with a truly unique experience in a peculiar distraction-less setting.


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" Monica and her team's session transformed the room. The Spark cards enabled our members and guests to delve deeply into themselves - from values and priorities to life milestones - and understand better their needs and contributions to our community. It was refreshing to have a social event over wine without the typical job and networking questions that are so typical in D.C.! "

- Courtney Walsh, President Harvard W3D, Women in Defense, Diplomacy, and Development

" As a result of Monica's work, our green business entrepreneurs walked away from the Green Festival Expo B2B Power Session re-energized and more hopeful about their businesses. We are all so fortunate to have the likes of Monica in our wonderful industry. "

- Robert J. Butler, National Progarm Director, Green Festival Expo