A Story from our Founder

The journey of InnovatorsBox® began while I was in my dream career, yet I felt utterly stuck. The lack of creativity in nuclear non-proliferation had made me risk-averse. I couldn’t remember the last time I created something on my own simply because I wanted to.

It wasn’t until I integrated creativity into my daily routine that things started to transform. My productivity skyrocketed. I got promoted. My insights and perspectives changed. I started thinking differently and began sharing fresh outlooks with top clients. And on a personal level, I was less stressed, more confident, and eager to attack what life threw at me.

When I realized that 87% of all professionals do not feel very creative, and that I was not alone in feeling this way, I decided to create a space for everyone to rediscover their creativity. That's what led me to start InnovatorsBox®.

Join me and the thousands of people around the world on this wonderful, creative journey!

Founder & CEO - Monica Kang


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Our Mission and values

We exist to unlock your innate creative mindset, and ignite yourself and your team to reimagine what is possible.

We offer creative educational workshops, services, products, and a diverse community to help all professionals learn why creativity is critical, how to hone it, and how to integrate creativity in work and life.  

Our Differentiator

InnovatorsBox delivers engaging, thought-provoking programs that are designed to redefine creativity in the workplace, apply new thinking to familiar problems, and make creativity tangible and accessible for all.

Unlike many companies who focus on process-driven formulas to define innovation, our programs help people discover their innate creative mindset and how to use it to solve problems in the face of change and complexity.