We are ALL creative - in different ways. Creativity is not exclusively tied to the arts or product innovation. It’s a way of thinking, living, processing, and seeing opportunities at ALL times. It’s a state of mind that helps you think differently, ask more questions, and find connections in unexpected places.

When you strengthen your creative mindset, you become a better problem solver, collaborator, communicator, and generator of ideas. You are more impactful, mindful, and productive. You realize taking risks, trying new things, and facing unexpected detours are not as bad as you thought. Creativity allows us to feel alive and refreshed.

Unfortunately, creativity is a hugely underutilized skill. Imagine what we could do if we all felt more creative and limitless. Imagine what your organization could look like if your people maximized their human capital. Imagine if individuals knew how to be more creative and had the confidence to use creativity all facets of their daily lives. Imagine a society that could do so much more.

Creativity leads to transformation and transformation can be life-changing.

CREATIVITY = (  K,   I,   E  )
- Ruth Noller
You see things; and you say ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’
— George Bernard Shaw

Creativity is:

Creativity is:

Creativity is:

Creativity is:

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Creativity is:


We’re all creative and wired to create in different ways.


No challenge becomes impossible to face or solve when you know what you could do.


With a creative lens, you learn to live to your fullest and enjoy how to better.


When we are creative, we feel most alive.

InnovatorsBox harnesses the power of creativity to work with organizations and individuals. Our methods are not driven by a checklist or a toolkit because we understand everyone is creative in different ways. We work with you to unlock your own innate creative mindset.

The Transformation

Introducing even the slightest changes into your daily routine can challenge you to become a more creative person. Whether it’s taking a new route to work, writing an innovative contract proposal, or trying out a different outfit, small adjustments can shift the way you think about everyday moments.
Individuals are:
∙ More open-minded and collaborative
∙ Better leaders and communicators
∙ Engaged at their jobs and in their daily lives
Organizations are:
∙ More productive, efficient, and effective
∙ Innovative in solving problems and developing new products or services
∙ Inclusive across generational, cultural, and geographical differences
The World:
∙ Starts to transform through the limitless possibilities of creativity.

Watch, Listen, Read

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